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Here at Terra Nova Roofing Solutions we pride ourselves in providing our customers the best roofing solutions available to protect your house and the biggest investment of your life. To do this we also provide other services as well including metal fascia, attic vents for better ventilation, and repairing cracks on top of parapet walls so they won’t crack again. We also repair vigas back to better that original condition, even the worst of the worst can be repaired and if there is just nothing left we can replace them as well, and with our sealing methods they will no longer crack on top and let water in and rotting them out again. We have seen water come in from just about any were even in places were most roofers won’t even think of looking, but to properly seal your house of leaks we strive to seek out potential problems and eliminate them for good. If you have a roof leak or just want prevent a leak from happening simply call us 24/7 or fill out the contact form below and someone from our company will contact you shortly.

Terra Nova Roofing Solutions

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Terra Nova Roofing Solutions

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