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A skylight is a window installed on the ceiling of a home, bringing in light. Skylights are a great way to brighten up a space while ensuring privacy in such places as bathrooms. They also are a great addition to rooms without outside facing walls. Daylight brightens our homes and our spirits. Lighten up interior rooms and hard-to-light spaces. You'll always be getting the most out of the available light, even when the sun is low in the sky. Skylights bring in an abundant daylight and all its related benefits. Daylight brings out the natural beauty of interior spaces in a way that colors become more vibrant and alive. Spaces become more inviting. Not only that, but using daylight saves you money while contributing to a healthy environment.

At Terra Nova Roofing Solutions, we are dedicated to providing our customers with energy efficient solutions and helping you save on energy costs for your home or business, while brightening the environment with plenty of natural light.

  • Skylight daylighting is "free" natural lighting.
  • Skylights bring the outdoors in and conserve energy.
  • Skylights give you more privacy while still providing the very best light.
  • Skylights can transform a smaller room by opening it up by removing shadows
  • Plants will love it.
  • Latest Technology/Heat Resistant
  • UV Protection and High Impact Domes
  • Residential and Commercial

There are many skylights to choose from, but luckily we’re here to help you choose the option that works best for you and your family.

Tubular Skylights
Tubular Skylight is a fairly simple concept: a rooftop dome captures and then funnels light through a reflective mirrored tube to the ceiling. The Tubular Skylight diffuser spreads light evenly into your home. Tubular skylights brings soft, natural daylight into any room in your home – even in small spaces where larger skylights won’t fit while still lighting a large area. A 10” diameter tubular skylight lights up to 150 sq. ft and a 14” tubular skylight lights up to 300 sq. ft.

Tubular lights are perfect for any room where a view to the outside is not needed or where regular skylights are not an option such as:
Laundry room

Advantages of Tubular Skylights
Roof Dome Makes the Most of Natural Light maximizing outdoor light by moving it through the mirrored tube to bring you the most indoor light possible, even in early morning, late afternoon, or winter. The tubular skylight dome material will not yellow over time or require upkeep, and it's 99% UV resistant. The tubular skylight's ceiling trim ring fits clean and tightly over the end of the light tube to let light in and minimizes heat loss from your home, while evenly transmitting light throughout the house

Electric Light Kit
Expands the features of your Tubular Skylight to include a traditional on/off light for those rooms you use frequently at night, you can turn your Tubular Skylight into an electric light and still bring in the natural light during the day time hours.

Standard Acrylic Skylights
Standard Acrylic Skylights can be used on homes, schools, warehouses and just about any other residential or commercial building you need. These skylights are bubble shaped domes, standard acrylic skylights can be used on any type of roof, whether it is a flat roof or pitched roofs. These are available in self flashing or curb mounted models.

Curb Mount Skylights
Curb Mount Skylights are installed on top of existing roof curbs. A good analogy is the Skylight is like the "lid" on a box, with the "box" being the roof curb. Curb mount frames are the quickest change-out skylight as the skylight sits over the roofing material that extends to the top of the curb. If everything else is in good shape; just pop off the old one and replace with the new one. Curb mount styles are the necessary choice for a tile roof. The curb must be built to exceed above the tile height for proper water run-off.

Self-Flashing Skylights
Self Flashing skylights are very popular because they do not need the construction of a curb to install them. The flashing protrudes as part of the frame and the welded seams make for water tight construction. Self flashing frames are ideal for flat and shingle sloped roofs. Both self flashing and curb mount skylights can be fitted with specialty domes to suit your individual specific needs.

Glazing Options these are the three most common options for double dome skylights talk to your roofing contractor at Terra Nova Roofing Solutions to find out what’s best for your needs

  • Clear over clear acrylic - extremely high visible light transmittance and perfect for star gazing as the view will be unobstructed
  • White over clear acrylic - full light diffusal and high visible light transmittance this is the most common kind of skylight
  • Bronze over clear acrylic - dimmed lighting and lower visible light transmittance for those rooms that you want natural night but without being as bright

Sometimes custom skylights are easier and cheaper than standard skylights especially from a roofers perspective. If it takes hours to prepare an area to accommodate a skylight that is either in an odd area or you don’t want to disturb the drywall that is already completed on the inside that would normally be disturbed by removing the old one and reframing the inside hole in the roof

Here at Terra Nova Roofing Solutions we can replace domes quite painlessly as long as the aluminum frame is in good shape. We will pop off the old retaining ring that holds the skylights into place, we will clean the frame of debris and old sealant. Then replace the domes and reinstall the retainer ring.

HeatShield Energy-Saver Domes
The new acrylic material blocks 67% of infrared heat. It is an affordable, efficient energy saver, which allows natural light transmittance into your home or workspace and greatly blocks heat build-up. There is very little difference between the look of a regular dome and the domes with HeatShield technology except the HeatShield has been infused with the extra additive to make the skylights more efficient at blocking heat.